E+M ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS AND SERVICES INC. E+M wholly founded with domestic capital in order to render services to the “Transport Sector” that has been ignored in our country for years, has carried out many thriving projects in the sector since its foundation.


E+M is broadening its horizon by following the latest and new technologies on Electro-Mechanical systems with its experienced staff.

Having the Railway Systems as main subject, our company is serving on design of all electro-Mechanical systems of Railway projects and on the building & industrial systems, preparing a Project, ensuring and assembling the equipments, preparing the offers, engineering & consulting services.

In addition to the electro-mechanical system E+M has penetrated to the Trackworks bussiness in 2007 and in this field both with experienced staff and machinery equipment E+M has reflected its quality signature in the market.

Our company makes a point of quality and confidence as essential principal with successful implementation of the projects. E+M extended its vision and continued its successfull executions by cooperating with local and international companies who are a brand name in their fields. We keep improving ourselves which is a precondition to everyone of E+M employees and we are aware of our experiences which will be utilized for our future activities.

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